Release Notes for ReportServer 3.0.2 (build 5855)

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer RS3.0.1.

Demo Data Configuration

The demo data that is shipped with ReportServer used to be loaded into main memory on startup. The demo data datasource (called Demo Data) which is installed by default used to have the following JDBC URL


With ReportServer 3.0.2 the demo data is no longer loaded into main memory but it is loaded into a temporary file. Furthermore, it is loaded only in case the demo data is actually accessed. The jdbc URL accordingly changed to a dynamic URL which is handled by ReportServer. That is, to access the demo data you need an H2 database datasource with the following JDBC URL:


Similarly, for accessing the Mondrian demo data you need to specify the jdbc url as


New Features and Bug Fixes

RS-2197BugFix Layout in Scheduler: Executed Job Description
RS-2210New FeatureDisplay java version during startup
RS-2215ImprovementAllow CallbackRegistry to register hooks with priority
RS-2221BugMultiple Birt datasources in datasource parameters display incorrect values (values of first parameter are used for all)
RS-2226BugScript Parameter and DS Parameters with post processing should work without administration permissions
RS-2231BugUnzip creates additional empty folders
RS-2234BugDadgets should not refresh if they are not visible
RS-2242ImprovementCancel MonetDB statements on database when user cancels request in Dynamic List
RS-2244ImprovementAdd Hook to take over database connection test
RS-2248ImprovementReload button for entire dashboard
RS-2250BugException when user without create dashboard right accesses empty dashboard
RS-2251BugException when user without create dashboard right tries to reorder dashboards
RS-2260BugSchedule as File Report Jobs cannot be edited or deleted if the target folder was removed
RS-2265BugBirt parameter extraction should propose datasource parameter for Boolean parameters
RS-2267BugStartup fails if install path contains ReportServer
RS-2268BugSystem context menu hides RS menu
RS-2270BugDatasource Parameter with radio buttons does not select default value
RS-2272BugDadget library: Unable to use Static HTML Dadget
RS-2273BugLibrary Dadget that points to report dadget with parameters cannot be used in dashboard
RS-2274BugTeamSpace creators should be able to edit their TeamSpace
RS-2275ImprovementLet EverybodyIsRootPam search for a super user if root does not exist or is not a super user.
RS-2278BugIncorrect encoding in email text attachments
RS-2279ImprovementBetter support for non-ascii filenames
RS-2282ImprovementDefault User role should have execute permission for ReportServer access
RS-2284BugStartup fails on Wildfly 10
RS-2285ImprovementDo not load h2 demo data into memory by default
RS-2287ImprovementScheduleScript should authenticate user before executing script
RS-2290BugMap NCHAR SQL Columns to String
RS-2292ImprovementscheduleScript list should display last execution time and last outcome
RS-2294ImprovementAdd SQLServer2012Dialect
RS-2298BugAccess denied when editing teamspace properties for ts with null description
RS-2299ImprovementAllow to change index redirect with scripting
RS-2301BugPassword expiration not working properly
RS-2302ImprovementHave ClientCertificatePam extract email from Subject if no SubjectAlternativeName found
RS-2303ImprovementEnsure that popup windows are not too large
RS-2304BugScrollbar in Dynamic List template hides selection button
RS-2306ImprovementProvide type ahead in dropdown parameters for easier selection
RS-2307ImprovementAdmin scheduler view: allow filter by report id and job id
RS-2308BugFileSelectionParameter should also work in dashboards
RS-2309BugTree node selection in popup: single item remove does not work when multiple items can be selected (e.g., file selection parameter)
RS-2310BugDashboard layout not always correct on #reportexec calls
RS-2311ImprovementRight-align numbers in HTML and PDF export of Dynamic Lists
RS-2312ImprovementUpdate translations: Polish, Russian, Hungarian