Release Notes for ReportServer 3.0.4

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 3.0.3.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer 3.0.4

RS-590New Feature Add execute query button to "datasource parameter" specific properties dialog
RS-989New Feature Allow parameter usage in computed columns
RS-2219New Feature Allow reloading individual folders in admin tree
RS-2371New Feature Allow TeamSpace Management from Administration Module
RS-2374New Feature Allow groups as TeamSpace Members
RS-2382New Feature Add Properties field to database relational datasources to hold jdbc URL properties
RS-2453New Feature Allow script parameters to return lists
RS-2850New Feature Add new Saiku Grand Total Aggregation: Deep Average
RS-2994New Feature Support for BIRT Reports with CSV Datasources
RS-2995New Feature Support for Jasper Reports with CSV Datasources
RS-2996New Feature Support for Crystal Reports with CSV Datasources
RS-2998New Feature Suport for BIRT Reports with Script Datasources
RS-2999New Feature Support for Jasper Reports with Script DataSources
RS-3000New Feature Support for Crystal Reports with Script DataSources
RS-3003New Feature Support for Pivot Reports with CSV Datasources
RS-3011New Feature Support Loops in SQL during RS upgrade process
RS-3021New Feature Add button "go to TeamSpace" to TeamSpace Admin Panel
RS-3023New Feature Add button "remove TeamSpace" to TeamSpace Admin Panel
RS-3025New Feature Add button "edit TeamSpace" to TeamSpace Admin Panel
RS-3026New Feature Add button "add TeamSpace" to Teamspace Admin Panel
RS-1375Improvement Allow to rename files with the mv command on the terminal
RS-1526Improvement User variables: for inherited variables show where they are defined
RS-2252Improvement When storing a variant, the URL should be updated to match the new variant
RS-2254Improvement Print ApplicationServer Version in Environment Validator
RS-2263Improvement Display warning if JDBC URL contains whitespaces
RS-2280Improvement Remove fetch=FetchType.LAZY from TeamSpace owner
RS-2293Improvement When switching report tabs, the URL should be updated accordingly
RS-2339Improvement Show loaded static PAMs on Startup
RS-2350Improvement Increase allowed length of username to 128
RS-2381Improvement Increase length of JDBC URL to 1024
RS-2387Improvement Show user friendly error if trying to download Crystal/Birt/Jasper/Jxls design file but it has no uploaded design file.
RS-2393Improvement CreateTextFile should show error in case file exists
RS-2901Improvement Allow Query Wrapper to be larger than 255 characters
RS-2991Improvement Consolidate schema update process
RS-3006Improvement EditTextFile should show error in case file does not exist
RS-3007Improvement EditTextFile and CreateTextFile should show user friendly error when no filename given
RS-3010Improvement Show user friendly error if execute birt/jasper/crystal/jxls report and no file has been uploaded
RS-3028Improvement Rename columns with name "cube" as this is a reserved word in some versions of MySQL
RS-2425Bug FileServerAccessServlet may try to access file even in case permission is denied
RS-2849Bug Saiku cube reports are not refreshing their cache correctly and consistently (schema/data)
RS-2943Bug Issue with using colors for a "descriptive field text" parameter
RS-2952Bug CSV and script datasources throw error when having columns with same text and ending in different digits
RS-2963Bug Error when using Mondrian with Mysql float type as measure
RS-2986Bug ${filename} and ${name} exception while scheduling
RS-2988Bug {name} and {filename} not showing the correct parsed name in notification emails when scheduling to Teamspace
RS-2997Bug TeamSpace list is not shown correctly in the GUI when a TeamSpace has a long name
RS-3030Bug New JDBC Properties box is not working with Saiku Reports