Release Notes for ReportServer 3.0.7

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 3.0.6.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS3.0.7

Pivot-Report Export Schema to Mondrian

It was never so easy to create Mondrian schemas! Pivot reports can be now exported into Mondrian 3 and 4 formats with just a click. In such a way, these reports can help you for an easy and quick report design and analysis of your data, being at the same time flexible enough to be used in any other tool supporting Mondrian 3 or 4 formats. This of course includes ReportServer (Mondrian 4): you can create a Mondrian report using your exported schema without any further modification!

Mondrian Schema Export

Pivot-Report MDX Editor and Query

MDX queries can be now directly edited and executed in pivot reports. This allows a maximum flexibility in fetching the exact data you need.

MDX Editor

Mondrian Upgrade

The Mondrian library was upgraded from version to

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS3.0.7

RS-3399New Feature Allow to export pivot report's cube definition to Mondrian 4 format
RS-3400New Feature Allow to export pivot report's cube definition to Mondrian 3 format
RS-3411New Feature Allow adding buttons to report execution GUI for user-defined script execution
RS-3417New Feature Allow adding buttons to scheduler job list GUI for user-defined script execution
RS-3436New Feature Show MDX editor and query in pivot reports
RS-3431Improvement Allow to send the class name of the respective object during the toolbar creation of the ReportExecutorMainPanel
RS-3434Improvement Upgrade Mondrian to
RS-3368Bug MDX editor and query are not visible in Saiku variants
RS-3397Bug TeamSpace managers are not able to add/remove users from the TeamSpace
RS-3427Bug Saiku/Mondrian drill down is not working with OpenJDK 11
RS-3433Bug Error when exporting Mondrian schemas from a pivot report without measures defined