Release Notes for ReportServer 3.1.0

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 3.0.8.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS3.1.0

JXLS2 Support

ReportServer 3.1.0 supports JXLS2 reports and templates together with the legacy JXLS1. This means that you can decide which version you want to use. You can even use both versions together. This flexibility should help you with your JXLS migration: you can leave all your existing reports in the legacy JXLS1 version, while you create new reports with the JXLS2 version.

As you can see in the following screenshot, ReportServer 3.1.0 uses by default JXLS2. You can use JXLS1 by ticking the option "Use Legacy JXLS 1".

The same holds for JXLS1 and JXLS2 templates, as you can see in the following screenshot:

Amazon Redshift Support

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data. It allows you to run complex analytic queries against petabytes of structured data.

ReportServer supports Amazon Redshift by its official JDBC driver As stated in the JDBC documentation, you have to obtain your JDBC URL from your AWS. An example URL is


Google BigQuery Support

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly-scalable, and cost-effective cloud data warehouse with an in-memory BI Engine and machine learning built in.

ReportServer 3.1.0 supports Google BigQuery datasources by the official Simba JDBC driver. Your URL should look similar to this:


Teradata Support

Teradata is a fully scalable relational database management system produced by Teradata Corp. It is widely used to manage large data warehousing operations.

ReportServer 3.1.0 supports Teradata datasources by the official Teradata JDBC driver. Your URL should look similar to this:


Library Upgrades

The following libraries are upgraded in ReportServer 3.1.0:

Apache POI
upgraded to 4.1.0
upgraded to 2.6.0
upgraded to 4.8.0
upgraded to 6.9.0
upgraded to 1.21

Exporting Parameters

The parameter export of dynamic lists was largely improved in ReportServer 3.1.0. For this, you can now set the following report properties:

Please note that these report properties are only available in Enterprise Edition.

If only "output_parameters" is true, then only the "real" parameters are being printed out, without separators, text, headers, etc.. If "output_complete_configuration" is set, EVERYTHING will be printed out. This includes user information, report information, report metadata, global variables, separators, headers, parameters, etc. With other words, everything that you can possibly include in the query.

Both "output_parameters" and "output_complete_configuration" take "output_include_hidden_parameters" into account. "output_include_hidden_parameters" controls whether hidden parameters are being exported (defaults to false).

For the following, "output_parameters" was set to true. In the first screenshot, you can see the Excel Export result. A new sheet "Parameters" is created and a list of parameters with their respective values is printed out:

For the HTML and PDF exports, this must be further configured in etc/dynamiclists/ and, respectively, by using the variable ${parameterMapSimple}. As an example, refer to the following screenshot (

You can see the result in the following screenshot. The parameters are printed in the specified position together with the dynamic list data in the exported PDF. The analogous configuration can be made for the HTML export.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS3.1.0

RS-2353New Feature Provide hook JxlsContextVariableProvider to adapt JXLSReport context
RS-3515New Feature Add explicit supported report properties to GUI
RS-3532New Feature Print server information in license dialog: java version, application server, operating system
RS-3542New Feature Print client information in license dialog: browser and browser version
RS-3549New Feature Add complex expressions ($X{IN, column, parameterkey}, etc) to list of default parameters in query
RS-3568New Feature Support Google BigQuery datasources
RS-3570New Feature Support Amazon Redshift datasources
RS-3574New Feature Support Teradata datasources
RS-3576New Feature Upgrade to POI 4.1.0
RS-3577New Feature Upgrade JXLS2 to 2.6.0
RS-3579New Feature Support JXLS2 reports
RS-3580New Feature Support JXLS2 templates for dynamic lists
RS-3588New Feature Upgrade to BIRT 4.8.0
RS-3592New Feature Upgrade to Jasper 6.9.0
RS-3616New Feature Allow to export dynamic list complete configuration to HTML / PDF / Excel Export
RS-3618New Feature "output_include_hidden_parameters" report property for controlling if hidden parameters should be included in the parameter output
RS-3621New Feature Include parameters as a table in dynamic list HTML / PDF export
RS-3626New Feature Output_complete_configuration should take output_include_hidden_parameters into account
RS-3649New Feature New Hooker VariantToBeEditedHook called just before the edits of an existing variant are being saved
RS-3652New Feature Allow SAIKU_CHART_HTML in output_format_auth report property for Saiku/Mondrian chart export
RS-3672New Feature Upgrade to UserAgentUtils 1.21
RS-2356Improvement Use user/password fields in XMLA Datasources instead of requiring to have them in the URL
RS-2410Improvement Correct spelling in HookHandlerService (dettach -> detach)
RS-3240Improvement Combine offset and order queries in MsSQL dynamic list reports
RS-3563Improvement Centralized enum for report properties in code
RS-3564Improvement Show password in Mondrian datasources as "***" analogously as in relational datasources
RS-3581Improvement Better template descriptions
RS-3586Improvement Isolate old jxls 1 and poi 3 libraries
RS-3597Improvement Trim microseconds and seconds from datetime parameter in dynamic lists
RS-3604Improvement Trim microseconds and seconds from time parameter in dynamic lists
RS-3605Improvement Trim time information from date parameter with "Date" mode in dynamic lists
RS-3607Improvement Trim date information from time parameter in dynamic lists
RS-3608Improvement Trim date parameter depending on mode in Jasper reports
RS-3609Improvement Trim date parameter depending on mode in BIRT reports
RS-3610Improvement Trim date parameter depending on mode in Crystal reports
RS-3611Improvement Trim date parameter depending on mode in JXLS reports and JXLS templates for dynamic list
RS-3614Improvement Output parameters into a separate sheet in dynamic list excel export
RS-3615Improvement Output only explicit parameters when "output_parameters" option is set and filter out separators
RS-3620Improvement Consolidate effective report property
RS-3625Improvement Hide parameters tab in Excel when parameters should not be shown
RS-3635Improvement Set table alias explicitly in (select *) in MsSQL dynamic list query
RS-3636Improvement Combine offset and order queries in MySQL dynamic list reports
RS-3639Improvement Combine offset and order queries in PostgreSQL dynamic list reports
RS-3640Improvement Combine offset and order queries in Oracle dynamic list reports
RS-3642Improvement Combine offset and order queries in Google BigQuery dynamic list reports
RS-3643Improvement Combine offset and order queries in Amazon Redshift dynamic list reports
RS-3654Improvement Allow to see parameter value changes in pivot report without having to reset the cube
RS-3444Bug The "MDX Editor" is not correctly hidden in some cases although it should be hidden
RS-3553Bug Report key included in query is not showing up in dynamic list report
RS-3562Bug "MDX Editor" / "Show MDX" buttons are not being correctly hidden if the checkbox "MDX Editor" is unchecked in pivot reports
RS-3569Bug Datetime parameter is not sending the time correctly in dynamic lists
RS-3587Bug Job owner can not be changed in new jobs
RS-3601Bug Time parameter is not sending the time correctly in dynamic lists
RS-3613Bug Importing a pivot report from teamspace into dashboard does not show report correctly
RS-3641Bug Parameter value is not set correctly for hidden parameters that other parameters depend on
RS-3645Bug ConstraintViolationException in dynamic list prefilters in some cases
RS-3651Bug Time is not showing when setting formula in datetime parameter
RS-3664Bug NPE while trying to trim empty date/datetime/time parameters
RS-3665Bug Error exporting from pivot mode
RS-3668Bug Excel Export error in pivot reports when the pivot report has both rows and columns
RS-3670Bug NPE in Opera License Administration page
RS-3686Bug Variables in Oracle Upgrade Skript are not being replaced correctly