Release Notes for ReportServer 3.6.0

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 3.5.0.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS3.6.0

Groovy 3 Support

ReportServer 3.6.0 scripting now supports the newest Groovy 3 version, which contains many awesome new features and capabilities. Check the Groovy 3 release notes for details.

GitHub Examples and Community Source Code

We released some scripting examples and templates in our reportserver-samples GitHub. We will continuously add examples and templates, so keep tuned!

Further, we published our Community Edition sources in our reportserver GitHub. For checking latest ReportServer development before a new version release, you can always take look into the commits. Of course, you are always welcome to contribute to reportserver-samples or to reportserver.

Library Upgrade

ReportServer 3.6.0 contains many library upgrades. You can see details in the table below.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS3.6.0-6038

RS-4830 New Feature Add example script for sending an email: sendEmail.groovy
RS-4839 New Feature Add example script for sending an email to ReportServer users with zipped attachments: sendRSEmail.groovy
RS-4842 New Feature Add example script for groovy try-with-resources construct: tryWithResources.groovy
RS-4910 New Feature Add XDoc and Velocity template examples: all_customers.docx and all_customers.txt
RS-4799 Improvement Upgrade to jasperreports-6.16.0
RS-4836 Improvement Rename Samba datasinks to "Samba - SMB/CIFS"
RS-4843 Improvement Upgrade to groovy-3.0.8
RS-4857 Improvement Remove unnecessary bcprov-ext-jdk15on-1.48.jar library
RS-4860 Improvement Upgrade to lucene-core-8.8.2
RS-4862 Improvement Upgrade to mariadb-java-client-2.7.2
RS-4864 Improvement Upgrade to mysql-connector-java-8.0.24
RS-4865 Improvement Add groovy-astbuilder-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4866 Improvement Add groovy-cli-picocli-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4867 Improvement Add groovy-console-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4868 Improvement Add groovy-datetime-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4869 Improvement Add groovy-json-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4870 Improvement Add groovy-jsr223-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4871 Improvement Add groovy-macro-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4872 Improvement Add groovy-nio-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4873 Improvement Add groovy-servlet-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4874 Improvement Add groovy-sql-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4875 Improvement Add groovy-templates-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4876 Improvement Add groovy-xml-3.0.8.jar dependency
RS-4877 Improvement Add picocli-4.6.1.jar dependency
RS-4878 Improvement Upgrade to lucene-analyzers-common-8.8.2
RS-4879 Improvement Upgrade to lucene-queries-8.8.2
RS-4880 Improvement Upgrade to lucene-queryparser-8.8.2
RS-4881 Improvement Upgrade to lucene-sandbox-8.8.2
RS-4882 Improvement Upgrade to protobuf-java-3.11.4
RS-4883 Improvement Upgrade to postgresql-42.2.20
RS-4885 Improvement Jasper should support Groovy 3
RS-4886 Improvement Upgrade to jackson-annotations-2.10.0
RS-4887 Improvement Upgrade to jackson-core-2.10.0
RS-4888 Improvement Upgrade to jackson-databind-2.10.0
RS-4889 Improvement Upgrade to itext-2.1.7.js8
RS-4890 Improvement Upgrade to jasperreports-fonts-6.16.0
RS-4891 Improvement Upgrade to ecj-3.21.0
RS-4893 Improvement Upgrade to flying-saucer-pdf-9.1.21
RS-4894 Improvement Upgrade to flying-saucer-9.1.21
RS-4896 Improvement Upgrade to guava-30.1.1-jre
RS-4899 Improvement Upgrade to docx4j-6.1.2
RS-4902 Improvement Upgrade to wmf2svg-0.9.8
RS-4903 Improvement Upgrade to antlr-runtime-3.5.2
RS-4904 Improvement Upgrade to xmlgraphics-commons-2.3
RS-4905 Improvement Remove unnecessary jaxb-xmldsig-core-1.0.0.jar dependency
RS-4906 Improvement Remove unnecessary jaxb-xslfo-1.0.1.jar dependency
RS-4907 Improvement Add serializer-2.7.2.jar dependency
RS-4908 Improvement Add xalan-2.7.2.jar dependency
RS-4909 Improvement Upgrade to xdocreport-2.0.2
RS-4914 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.converter-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4915 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.core-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4916 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.document.docx-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4917 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.document-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4918 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.template.velocity-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4919 Improvement Add fr.opensagres.xdocreport.template-2.0.2.jar dependency
RS-4920 Improvement Upgrade to velocity-engine-core-2.3
RS-4921 Improvement Upgrade to liquibase-core-4.3.4
RS-4922 Improvement Add groovy-sandbox-1.26-jaspersoft-1-SNAPSHOT.jar dependency
RS-4851 Bug Jxls1 is not working when the template contains merged cells in some cases
RS-4861 Bug Search queries containing "_" are not finding results correctly
RS-4923 Bug XDocReport export is not working correctly

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS3.6.0-6040

RS-4926 Bug Report documentation and other groovy-based reports are throwing NPE