Release Notes for ReportServer 4.2.0

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 4.1.0.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS4.2.0

Library upgrades

The following important libraries are upgraded in ReportServer 4.2.0:

upgraded to 2.12.0

Use JDBC 4 connection connection.isValid() for datasource connection test

As of ReportServer 4.2.0, the old createDummyQuery() method is not further used, as it now uses the JDBC 4 connection.isValid() for this purpose. You should delete this method from your scripts if you use it in your additional datasources scripts.

Support sending reports to Printer Datasinks

Printer datasinks allow you to send and/or schedule reports to a given printer installed in your ReportServer environment.

Note that, while scheduling, you have to select the "PDF" export type in order to use printer datasinks.

Be careful when sending large reports to the printer, this may stuck your printer depending on your configuration.

Support SQLite datasources

SQLite is a C-language library that implements a small, fast, self-contained, high-reliability, full-featured, file-based SQL database engine.

ReportServer supports SQLite datasources as of version 4.2.0 and contains the necessary driver as well. An example SQLite datasource is shown in the following screenshot.

Allow uploading files to TeamSpace

ReportServer now allows to upload files into the TeamSpaces as shown in the following screenshots.

Show object path in information window

Object paths are now shown in the information window as shown in the following screenshots.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.2.0-6066

RS-3074 New Feature Show object path in information window
RS-5432 New Feature Add printer datasinks
RS-5473 New Feature Allow to upload files into TeamSpace
RS-5616 New Feature Add GridEditorAfterCommitHook called after the Grid Report changes are being committed
RS-5762 New Feature Example insert form data: insertformdata.groovy
RS-5807 New Feature Example of executing and exporting a report as PDF and sending the PDSF to a datasink: sendReportToDatasink.groovy
RS-5808 New Feature Example of listing all available printers: printers.groovy
RS-5809 New Feature Example of printing report to printer: printerReport.groovy
RS-5812 New Feature Example script for reading CSV values into DB table: csvreader.groovy
RS-5814 New Feature Printer datasinks: display list of available printers
RS-5827 New Feature Printer datasinks: Allow to print text files from virtual file system
RS-5866 New Feature Add SQLite datasource support
RS-5935 New Feature Allow to download uploaded teamspace file per right-click
RS-5939 New Feature Allow to add SubmitCompleteHandler to forms easily
RS-5943 New Feature Add GridEditorBeforeCommitHook called before the Grid Report changes are being committed
RS-4230 Improvement Use JDBC 4 connection.isValid() for datasource connection test
RS-5815 Improvement Printer datasinks: remove folders
RS-5816 Improvement Printer datasinks: allow PDF export
RS-5818 Improvement Remove name field from table and printer datasinks
RS-5819 Improvement Printer datasinks: scheduling should be available for PDF export
RS-5825 Improvement Printer datasinks: add demo printer datasink
RS-5826 Improvement Refactor some base messages to datasinks messages
RS-5831 Improvement Printer datasinks: allow scheduling reports to printer datasinks
RS-5832 Improvement Printer datasinks: add warning to export windows
RS-5925 Improvement Add sqlite-jdbc- dependency
RS-5928 Improvement Show error message if uploaded TeamSpace file is empty
RS-5941 Improvement Upgrade jxls to 2.12.0
RS-5942 Improvement Upgrade jxls-poi to 2.12.0
RS-5821 Bug Printer datasinks are selected incorrectly in scheduler window
RS-5823 Bug reportRights.groovy is not working correctly as user object is proxified
RS-5824 Bug Printer datasinks: test datasink button is not working correctly
RS-5924 Bug Fetching metadata on SQLite datasources is not working
RS-5930 Bug Clicking on uploaded TeamSpace file does not show properties
RS-5931 Bug Uploaded TeamSpace file does not show "type" property
RS-5932 Bug Uploaded TeamSpace file does not show "created on" property
RS-5933 Bug Uploaded TeamSpace file does not show icon correctly
RS-5934 Bug Double clicking on uploaded TeamSpace file is not working
RS-5938 Bug Closing window immediately when uploading TeamSpace files is obstructing file upload

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.2.0-6068

RS-5957 Bug Clicking on scheduled jobs throws an "java.sql.SQLException: Too many tables; MariaDB can only use 61 tables in a join" exception in MariaDB and MySQL

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.2.0-6070

RS-6005 Bug "ldapimport" terminal command is importing incorrect origin attribute

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.2.0-6072

RS-6025 Bug NPE when scheduled jobs contain empty "compressed" field