Release Notes for ReportServer 4.3.0

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer 4.2.0.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS4.3.0

Script datasinks

Script datasinks are your swiss army knife when it comes to sending your reports/your data to custom locations or when you need any logic or any additional files. Basically, you can use script datasinks to send your reports/your data to virtually any location you may need. Refer to the following screenshots.

An example script datasink is shown below. It creates a ZIP containing the report/the data, adds the groovy script to the ZIP and sends this per email to a given user list.

Test LDAP GUID configuration via "ldaptest guid" terminal command

You can now test your LDAP GUID configuration as shown in the following screenshots. This helps troubleshooting LDAP problems/incorrect configuration together with the the other ldaptest commands described here.

The first screenshot shows an incorrect GUID configuration, as "objectGUID_2" does not exist.

After correcting the property to "objectGUID", the correct GUIDs are shown in the next screenshot.

Integrate LDAP authentication

As of ReportServer 4.3.0, LDAP authentication is supported out-of-the-box. For using it, you have to install the or net.datenwerke. rs.ldap.service.ldap.pam.LdapPAMAuthoritative PAM in your configuration file as described here.

Further, the configuration file was adapted in order to configure if local users are allowed to authenticate alongside with LDAP users:


The complete configuration file is shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 ReportServer Configuration File
 filename: sso/
 Configures LDAP
    Allowed values are: none/starttls/ssl
    Recommended is starttls.
      You can request additional attributes including them here as:

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.3.0-6074

RS-4822 New Feature Add example D3 script: radialTree.groovy
RS-5379 New Feature Upgrade Mondrian 3.6.6 to
RS-5945 New Feature Add information window to files in file system
RS-5946 New Feature Add information window to user groups
RS-5950 New Feature Add XDOC example containing table: T_AGG_EMPLOYEE_table.docx
RS-5954 New Feature Add script datasinks
RS-5959 New Feature Create and maintain Windows installer for EE
RS-5960 New Feature Create and maintain docker images for EE
RS-5965 New Feature Script datasinks: add example script datasink scriptDatasinkPerEmail.groovy
RS-5967 New Feature Support .xlsm files in JXLS reports
RS-5972 New Feature Script datasinks: allow scheduling
RS-5993 New Feature Add "ldaptest guid" terminal command
RS-6004 New Feature Integrate LDAP authentication: LdapPAM and LdapPAMAuthoritative
RS-5586 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports to 6.20.0
RS-5625 Improvement Remove unnecessary castor-core-1.4.1.jar dependency
RS-5626 Improvement Remove unnecessary castor-xml-1.4.1.jar dependency
RS-5637 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports-fonts to 6.20.0
RS-5638 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports-functions to 6.20.0
RS-5731 Improvement Remove joda-time-2.9.9.jar dependency
RS-5968 Improvement Script datasinks: remove unnecessary folder
RS-5970 Improvement Printer datasinks: remove unnecessary folder
RS-5973 Improvement Script datasinks: allow to disable them via configuration
RS-5975 Improvement radialTree.groovy: add width/height parameters
RS-5976 Improvement radialTree.groovy: add csv datasource containing allowed types
RS-5980 Improvement Add radialTree.groovy installation guide
RS-5999 Improvement Show better error message if LDAP GUID not found
RS-6016 Improvement LDAP enterprise marks
RS-6017 Improvement LdapPAM enterprise marks
RS-6018 Improvement Log events of LdapPAM
RS-6024 Improvement Refactor LdapAuthenticator to LdapService
RS-6026 Improvement Replace Boolean scheduling "compressed" fields with boolean types
RS-6029 Improvement Rename Mondrian 3 texts to Mondrian 8
RS-6032 Improvement Upgrade eigenbase-xom to 1.3.5
RS-6033 Improvement Adapt code for Mondrian 8 support
RS-6034 Improvement Add log4j-core-2.18.0.jar dependency
RS-6035 Improvement Add log4j-api-2.18.0.jar dependency
RS-6039 Improvement Upgrade mysql-connector-java to 8.0.30
RS-6040 Improvement Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to
RS-6041 Improvement Upgrade groovy to 4.0.4
RS-6042 Improvement Upgrade groovy-astbuilder to 4.0.4
RS-6043 Improvement Upgrade groovy-cli-picocli to 4.0.4
RS-6044 Improvement Upgrade groovy-datetime to 4.0.4
RS-6045 Improvement Upgrade groovy-dateutil to 4.0.4
RS-6046 Improvement Upgrade groovy-json to 4.0.4
RS-6047 Improvement Upgrade groovy-jsr223 to 4.0.4
RS-6048 Improvement Upgrade groovy-macro to 4.0.4
RS-6049 Improvement Upgrade groovy-nio to 4.0.4
RS-6050 Improvement Upgrade groovy-servlet to 4.0.4
RS-6051 Improvement Upgrade groovy-sql to 4.0.4
RS-6052 Improvement Upgrade groovy-templates to 4.0.4
RS-6053 Improvement Upgrade groovy-xml to 4.0.4
RS-6054 Improvement Upgrade postgresql to 42.4.2
RS-6055 Improvement Upgrade mariadb-java-client to 3.0.7
RS-6056 Improvement Upgrade hsqldb to 2.7.0
RS-6057 Improvement Upgrade lucene-core to 9.3.0
RS-6058 Improvement Upgrade lucene-analysis-common to 9.3.0
RS-6059 Improvement Upgrade lucene-queries to 9.3.0
RS-6060 Improvement Upgrade lucene-queryparser to 9.3.0
RS-6061 Improvement Upgrade lucene-sandbox to 9.3.0
RS-6062 Improvement Upgrade Saxon-HE to 11.4
RS-6063 Improvement Remove httpclient-4.5.13.jar dependency
RS-6064 Improvement Remove httpcore-4.4.13.jar dependency
RS-6065 Improvement Add httpclient5-5.1.3.jar dependency
RS-6066 Improvement Add httpcore5-5.1.3.jar dependency
RS-6067 Improvement Add httpcore5-h2-5.1.3.jar dependency
RS-6068 Improvement Upgrade xmlresolver-data to 4.4.3
RS-6069 Improvement Upgrade xmlresolver to 4.4.3
RS-6070 Improvement Upgrade xdocreport to 2.0.4
RS-6072 Improvement Upgrade commons-configuration2 to 2.8.0
RS-6073 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-core to 5.6.10.Final
RS-6074 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-c3p0 to 5.6.10.Final
RS-6075 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-entitymanager to 5.6.10.Final
RS-6076 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-envers to 5.6.10.Final
RS-6077 Improvement Remove unnecessary hibernate-validator-6.2.3.Final.jar dependency
RS-6081 Improvement Add aopalliance-repackaged-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6082 Improvement Add guice-bridge-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6083 Improvement Add hk2-api-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6084 Improvement Add hk2-locator-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6085 Improvement Add hk2-utils-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6086 Improvement Upgrade jackson-annotations to 2.13.3
RS-6087 Improvement Upgrade jackson-core to 2.13.3
RS-6088 Improvement Upgrade jackson-databind to 2.13.3
RS-6089 Improvement Upgrade jackson-jaxrs-base to 2.13.3
RS-6090 Improvement Upgrade jackson-jaxrs-json-provider to 2.13.3
RS-6091 Improvement Upgrade jackson-module-jaxb-annotations to 2.13.3
RS-6092 Improvement Add jakarta.annotation-api-1.3.5.jar dependency
RS-6093 Improvement Add jakarta.inject-2.6.1.jar dependency
RS-6094 Improvement Add dependency
RS-6095 Improvement Upgrade jakarta.xml.bind-api to 2.3.3
RS-6096 Improvement Add javassist-3.25.0-GA.jar dependency
RS-6097 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-core-1.19.jar dependency
RS-6098 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-guice-1.19.jar dependency
RS-6099 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-json-1.19.jar dependency
RS-6100 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-server-1.19.jar dependency
RS-6101 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-servlet-1.19.jar dependency
RS-6102 Improvement Add jersey-client-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6103 Improvement Add jersey-common-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6104 Improvement Add jersey-container-servlet-core-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6105 Improvement Add jersey-entity-filtering-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6106 Improvement Add jersey-hk2-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6107 Improvement Add jersey-media-json-jackson-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6108 Improvement Add jersey-media-multipart-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6109 Improvement Add jersey-server-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6110 Improvement Add mimepull-1.9.13.jar dependency
RS-6111 Improvement Add osgi-resource-locator-1.0.3.jar dependency
RS-6114 Improvement Add jackson-dataformat-xml-2.13.3.jar dependency
RS-6115 Improvement Upgrade itext to 2.1.7.js10
RS-6116 Improvement Add stax2-api-4.2.1.jar dependency
RS-6117 Improvement Add woodstox-core-6.2.7.jar dependency
RS-6118 Improvement Upgrade liquibase-core to 4.15.0
RS-6120 Improvement Upgrade owasp-java-html-sanitizer to 20220608.1
RS-6121 Improvement Upgrade fontbox to 2.0.26
RS-6122 Improvement Upgrade pdfbox to 2.0.26
RS-5595 Bug Email datasink job fails when email message is empty
RS-5947 Bug Creating LDAP external directory automatically is not working
RS-5952 Bug Example usersInTeamspace.groovy is not working if TeamSpace contains group members
RS-5977 Bug radialTree.groovy: teamspaces are not showing correctly
RS-5988 Bug "Stream table" entry should not be shown in "export to" dropdown box
RS-5992 Bug Uploading file with incorrect ending to JXLS report template shows incorrect error message
RS-6000 Bug "ldaptest organisationalUnits --help" is not showing any help message
RS-6003 Bug "ldapimport" terminal command is showing errors regarding missing getGUID method
RS-6030 Bug Mondrian 4 reports are sometimes being executed as Mondrian 8 reports

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.3.0-6076

RS-6142 Improvement Remove unnecessary jackson-jaxrs-base-2.13.3.jar dependency
RS-6143 Improvement Remove unnecessary jersey-media-multipart-2.36.jar dependency
RS-6144 Improvement Remove unnecessary jackson-jaxrs-json-provider-2.13.3.jar dependency
RS-6170 Improvement Remove unnecessary jsr311-api-1.1.1.jar dependency
RS-6171 Improvement Upgrade postgres to 42.5.0
RS-6172 Improvement Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to
RS-6173 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-core to 5.6.11.Final
RS-6174 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-entitymanager to 5.6.11.Final
RS-6175 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-envers to 5.6.11.Final
RS-6176 Improvement Upgrade hibernate-c3p0 to 5.6.11.Final

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.3.0-6078

RS-5722 Improvement Add docx4j-core-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6178 Improvement Add jdom2- dependency
RS-6179 Improvement Remove unnecessary jdom-1.0.jar dependency
RS-6180 Improvement Adapt code to support jdom2
RS-6181 Improvement Remove unnecessary avalon-framework-api-4.3.1.jar dependency
RS-6182 Improvement Remove unnecessary avalon-framework-impl-4.3.1.jar dependency
RS-6183 Improvement Remove unnecessary docx4j-6.1.2.jar dependency
RS-6184 Improvement Upgrade FastInfoset to 1.2.16
RS-6185 Improvement Upgrade istack-commons-runtime to 3.0.8
RS-6186 Improvement Upgrade jaxb-runtime to 2.3.2
RS-6187 Improvement Upgrade stax-ex to 1.8.1
RS-6188 Improvement Upgrade txw2 to 2.3.2
RS-6189 Improvement Add docx4j-JAXB-ReferenceImpl-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6190 Improvement Add docx4j-openxml-objects-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6191 Improvement Add docx4j-openxml-objects-pml-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6192 Improvement Add docx4j-openxml-objects-sml-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6193 Improvement Add xalan-interpretive-11.0.0.jar dependency
RS-6194 Improvement Add xalan-serializer-11.0.0.jar dependency