Release Notes for ReportServer 4.4.0

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer RS4.3.0-6083.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS4.4.0

Saiku/Mondrian upgrades

In ReportServer 4.4.0, we upgraded both Saiku and Mondrian libraries to new versions (to 3.16.1 and 9.4 respectively). As Mondrian 4 is not longer developed, we removed support for Mondrian 4 datasources, which were the default until ReportServer 4.3.0. Note that the old Mondrian 3 datasources are compatible with the new Mondrian 9 datasources, while Mondrian 4 uses a completely different, deprecated syntax.

IMPORTANT: As Mondrian reports are not backward compatible, and pivot reports must be upgraded separately: If you are upgrading your ReportServer installation, pls refer to the upgrade guide for more information.

Allow to configure country/region

As of ReportServer 4.4.0, your country/region can be configured in the main/ configuration file. This may be important when using currencies in your reports. For example, if your Jasper reports use standard currency signs, and are executed using the "DE" (Germany) region code, their currencies will be printed in Euro. If they are executed using the "US" region code, their currencies will be printed in Dollars.

You can find more information on the available country/region codes here.

The default main/ file is shown below.

Allow to configure Saiku/Mondrian chart colors

As of ReportServer 4.4.0, you can easily change your Saiku/Mondrian chart colors via the ui/ configuration file to match your corporate identity. You can add or remove colors depending on your specific needs. Note that this configuration file is only active in the Enterprise Editions.

In the following screenshots you can see a comparison of the same charts with different themes.

The default ui/ file is shown below.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.4.0-6084

RS-5944 New Feature Add example script to send email after grid editor changes are being committed: gridReportEmailHook.groovy
RS-5951 New Feature Add information window to all directories
RS-6137 New Feature Add information window to datasinks, dadgets and dashboards
RS-6311 New Feature Mondrian 9 reports should use the ReportServer locale if nothing else specified in their datasource definition
RS-6316 New Feature Mondrian 4 reports should use the ReportServer locale if nothing else specified in their datasource definition
RS-6317 New Feature Pivot reports should use the ReportServer locale
RS-6319 New Feature Jasper reports should use the ReportServer locale
RS-6320 New Feature Allow to set country/region in
RS-6321 New Feature BIRT reports should use the ReportServer locale
RS-6385 New Feature Replace Mondrian 4 with Mondrian 9.4
RS-6400 New Feature Allow to configure colors of Saiku charts in ui/ configuration file
RS-6405 New Feature Saiku Chart color configuration: allow color names
RS-6539 New Feature Add JXLS nested grouping example: grouping_nested.xlsx
RS-6545 New Feature Pivot variants update script for versions >= 4.4.0: pivotVariantsUpdate.groovy
RS-6133 Improvement Refactor similar information window objects
RS-6134 Improvement gridReportEmailHook.groovy: adapt script for 4.4.0 API
RS-6147 Improvement Refactor HttpAuthExecuteServlet and ApiKeyHelper
RS-6158 Improvement Upgrade Saiku to 3.16.1 in Mondrian 9
RS-6159 Improvement Upgrade Mondrian 8 to Mondrian
RS-6312 Improvement Saiku chart y-axis should use ReportServer localization settings
RS-6369 Improvement Refactor object resolver services in TerminalService
RS-6371 Improvement Add locale information to "general information" system console
RS-6378 Improvement Saiku: unify translations in both Saiku clients
RS-6381 Improvement Upgrade Saiku to 3.16.1 in Mondrian 4
RS-6387 Improvement Saiku clients should use ReportServer locale
RS-6396 Improvement Upgrade and clean Saiku in resources
RS-6397 Improvement Remove Saiku legacy javascript files
RS-6401 Improvement Saiku settings file should not be cached
RS-6402 Improvement Configured Saiku chart colors should also be used in Saiku dadget reports
RS-6411 Improvement Add Mondrian 9.4 jar instead of source code in ReportServer
RS-6441 Improvement Remove legacysaiku leftovers
RS-6443 Improvement Remove unnecessary mondrian- dependency
RS-6444 Improvement Remove unnecessary mondrian- dependency
RS-6448 Improvement Pivot reports should use Mondrian 9 syntax internally
RS-6450 Improvement Remove Mondrian 3 field from DB and DTOs
RS-6451 Improvement Remove Mondrian 4 cube export
RS-6452 Improvement DEMO Data should use Mondrian 9 cube instead of old Mondrian 4 cube
RS-6455 Improvement Remove unnecessary jlfgr-1.0.jar dependency
RS-6456 Improvement Add javacup-10k.jar dependency
RS-6457 Improvement Remove unnecessary olap4j-xmlaserver-1.2.0.jar dependency
RS-6511 Improvement Saiku pie charts should not contain the captions in their overview
RS-6518 Improvement Replace saiku-query decompiled jars with original source code
RS-6532 Improvement Saiku chart localization in y-axis: Dashboard
RS-6534 Improvement Saiku: allow entering only valid calculated measures
RS-6538 Improvement Add sample script datasink to demo system
RS-6547 Improvement Remove unnecessary snakeyaml-1.33.jar dependency
RS-6548 Improvement Upgrade commons-net to 3.9.0
RS-6549 Improvement Upgrade xercesImpl to 2.12.2
RS-6550 Improvement Upgrade jackson-core to 2.14.1
RS-6551 Improvement Upgrade jackson-annotations to 2.14.1
RS-6552 Improvement Upgrade jackson-databind to 2.14.1
RS-6553 Improvement Upgrade jackson-module-jaxb-annotations to 2.14.1
RS-6554 Improvement Remove unnecessary docx4j-openxml-objects-pml-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6556 Improvement Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to
RS-6557 Improvement Remove unnecessary UserAgentUtils-1.21.jar dependency
RS-6558 Improvement Replace browser information on general system console and "env" terminal command with user agent information
RS-6559 Improvement Remove unnecessary docx4j-openxml-objects-sml-11.3.2.jar dependency
RS-6562 Improvement Remove unnecessary wmf2svg-0.9.8.jar dependency
RS-6565 Improvement Add debugging information to add child method
RS-6132 Bug GridEditorAfterCommitHook and GridEditorBeforeCommitHook are not converting the records correctly to a map when adding entries
RS-6135 Bug Remove hardcoded "folder" attribute
RS-6212 Bug Upgrade script is not working for "compressed" fields in Postgres
RS-6214 Bug Upgrade script is not working for "compressed" fields in Oracle in some cases
RS-6386 Bug Incorrect label in Mondrian 9 cube export
RS-6391 Bug "Mondrian 9" checkbox is not showing correctly in Mondrian Datasource definition
RS-6393 Bug Saiku is throwing NPE in dadget reports
RS-6394 Bug Saiku report dadget are using different Saiku javascript files as the other Saiku reports
RS-6404 Bug Saiku reports are showing empty data values as "undefined"
RS-6408 Bug Saiku filter window is not showing up
RS-6410 Bug Saiku measure categories are not showing correctly in UI
RS-6412 Bug Saiku: Deep average grand total is not working correctly
RS-6414 Bug Saiku: member empty labels in filter dialog
RS-6415 Bug Saiku session JSON parsing error
RS-6416 Bug Saiku: Average grand total is not working correctly
RS-6494 Bug Saiku: JPEG chart export is not showing up
RS-6510 Bug Mondrian: Chart Dashboards are not working
RS-6521 Bug Pivot preview is not working correctly
RS-6530 Bug Demo Mondrian datasource is being installed automatically without this being required
RS-6531 Bug Saiku chart is showing error in Dashboards when localization is enabled
RS-6533 Bug Mondrian reports are not saving their hide_parents settings correctly
RS-6536 Bug Pivot reports are not saving their hide_parents settings correctly
RS-6537 Bug Remove duplicate Foodmart Mondrian datasource during demo data installation
RS-6567 Bug AddChild method is not working if child is hibernate proxy