Release Notes for ReportServer 4.6.1

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer RS4.6.0-6090.

Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS4.6.1

DB2 for IBM i support

Db2 is IBM’s cloud-native database built to power scalable real-time analytics.

ReportServer supports Db2 for IBM i by its official JDBC driver jt400.jar, downloadable from here or here.

Support JDBC 3 datasource test

ReportServer now supports testing datasources based on the old JDBC 3 alongside as the new JDBC 4 standard.

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6091

RS-7181 New Feature Support Db2 for IBM i
RS-7431 New Feature Support JDBC 3 datasource test
RS-7433 Bug Counting users in "General info" system console is not working in Oracle

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6092

RS-7452 Improvement Explicitly use Graphviz V8 engine while rendering DOT files
RS-7453 Improvement Check preconditions of user home directory before trying to render SVG

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6094

RS-7532 Improvement Upgrade sqlite-jdbc to
RS-7439 Bug "pkg list" terminal command is not working
RS-7479 Bug Datasource connection test is failing in Oracle
RS-7485 Bug PAMHook is missing pam list in "beforeStaticPamConfig" method
RS-7491 Bug LDAP getGuid() method is using non-existing "sr" property
RS-7492 Bug Upgrade script is throwing error for Postgres installations
RS-7528 Bug Terminal cursor is not showing up in the correct position while scrolling history up and down
RS-7531 Bug Jasper plain Excel export is not working

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6096

RS-7586 Improvement Upgrade groovy to 4.0.13
RS-7587 Improvement Upgrade groovy-astbuilder to 4.0.13
RS-7588 Improvement Upgrade groovy-cli-picocli to 4.0.13
RS-7589 Improvement Upgrade groovy-datetime to 4.0.13
RS-7590 Improvement Upgrade groovy-dateutil to 4.0.13
RS-7591 Improvement Upgrade groovy-json to 4.0.13
RS-7592 Improvement Upgrade groovy-jsr223 to 4.0.13
RS-7593 Improvement Upgrade groovy-macro to 4.0.13
RS-7594 Improvement Upgrade groovy-nio to 4.0.13
RS-7595 Improvement Upgrade groovy-servlet to 4.0.13
RS-7596 Improvement Upgrade groovy-sql to 4.0.13
RS-7597 Improvement Upgrade groovy-templates to 4.0.13
RS-7598 Improvement Upgrade groovy-templates to 4.0.13
RS-7599 Improvement Upgrade groovy-xml to 4.0.13
RS-7600 Improvement Upgrade picocli to 4.7.4
RS-7601 Improvement Upgrade h2 to 2.2.220
RS-7603 Improvement Upgrade guava to 32.1.1-jre
RS-7605 Improvement Upgrade checker-qual to 3.33.0
RS-7606 Improvement Upgrade error_prone_annotations to 2.18.0
RS-7607 Improvement Upgrade j2objc-annotations to 2.8
RS-7608 Improvement Upgrade bcprov-jdk18on to 1.75
RS-7609 Improvement Upgrade bcmail-jdk18on to 1.75
RS-7610 Improvement Upgrade bcpg-jdk18on to 1.75
RS-7611 Improvement Upgrade bcpkix-jdk18on to 1.75
RS-7612 Improvement Upgrade bcutil-jdk18on to 1.75
RS-7614 Improvement Upgrade commons-io to 2.13.0
RS-7615 Improvement Upgrade lucene-core to 9.7.0
RS-7616 Improvement Upgrade lucene-analysis-common to 9.7.0
RS-7617 Improvement Upgrade lucene-queries to 9.7.0
RS-7618 Improvement Upgrade lucene-queryparser to 9.7.0
RS-7619 Improvement Upgrade lucene-sandbox to 9.7.0
RS-7620 Improvement Upgrade hsqldb to 2.7.2
RS-7621 Improvement Upgrade liquibase-core to 4.23.0
RS-7624 Improvement Upgrade jcifs to 2.1.35
RS-7537 Bug Oracle BINARY_DOUBLE data type is not working
RS-7563 Bug Oracle: pagination is shifted by one record
RS-7574 Bug Datasource connection test is not checking correctly if isValid() method is available
RS-7575 Bug Oracle BINARY_FLOAT data type is not working
RS-7576 Bug MSSQL DateTimeOffset has no name mappings and its type mappings are incomplete
RS-7579 Bug "Execute" button's pagination is incorrect in first page
RS-7580 Bug MSSQL: pagination is shifted by one record
RS-7582 Bug DB2: pagination is shifted by one record

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6098

RS-6764 New Feature Print dynamic PAM configuration in "General Information" system console and "env" terminal command
RS-7625 Improvement Adapt ExposeToClient annotation to allow disabling ampersand encode
RS-7626 Improvement Upgrade mysql-connector-j to 8.1.0
RS-7627 Improvement Upgrade unboundid-ldapsdk to 6.0.9
RS-7628 Improvement Improve error message when trying to export CSV/script datasource data into table datasinks
RS-7653 Improvement Upgrade liquibase-core to 4.23.1
RS-7654 Improvement Downgrade bcprov-jdk18on to 1.74
RS-7655 Improvement Downgrade bcmail-jdk18on to 1.74
RS-7656 Improvement Downgrade bcpg-jdk18on to 1.74
RS-7657 Improvement Downgrade bcpkix-jdk18on to 1.74
RS-7658 Improvement Downgrade bcutil-jdk18on to 1.74
RS-7659 Improvement Upgrade jcifs to 2.1.36
RS-7669 Improvement Upgrade groovy to 4.0.15
RS-7670 Improvement Upgrade groovy-astbuilder to 4.0.15
RS-7671 Improvement Upgrade groovy-cli-picocli to 4.0.15
RS-7672 Improvement Upgrade groovy-datetime to 4.0.15
RS-7673 Improvement Upgrade groovy-dateutil to 4.0.15
RS-7674 Improvement Upgrade groovy-json to 4.0.15
RS-7675 Improvement Upgrade groovy-jsr223 to 4.0.15
RS-7676 Improvement Upgrade groovy-macro to 4.0.15
RS-7677 Improvement Upgrade groovy-nio to 4.0.15
RS-7678 Improvement Upgrade groovy-servlet to 4.0.15
RS-7679 Improvement Upgrade groovy-sql to 4.0.15
RS-7680 Improvement Upgrade groovy-templates to 4.0.15
RS-7681 Improvement Upgrade groovy-xml to 4.0.15
RS-7688 Improvement Upgrade mariadb-java-client to 3.2.0
RS-7689 Improvement Upgrade h2 to 2.2.224
RS-7701 Improvement Upgrade picocli to 4.7.5
RS-7702 Improvement Upgrade commons-compress to 1.24.0
RS-7704 Improvement Upgrade batik-anim to 1.17
RS-7705 Improvement Upgrade batik-awt-util to 1.17
RS-7706 Improvement Upgrade batik-bridge to 1.17
RS-7707 Improvement Upgrade batik-constants to 1.17
RS-7708 Improvement Upgrade batik-css to 1.17
RS-7709 Improvement Upgrade batik-codec to 1.17
RS-7710 Improvement Upgrade batik-dom to 1.17
RS-7711 Improvement Upgrade batik-ext to 1.17
RS-7712 Improvement Upgrade batik-gvt to 1.17
RS-7714 Improvement Upgrade batik-i18n to 1.17
RS-7715 Improvement Upgrade batik-parser to 1.17
RS-7716 Improvement Upgrade batik-script to 1.17
RS-7717 Improvement Upgrade batik-shared-resources to 1.17
RS-7718 Improvement Upgrade batik-svg-dom to 1.17
RS-7719 Improvement Upgrade batik-svggen to 1.17
RS-7720 Improvement Upgrade batik-transcoder to 1.17
RS-7721 Improvement Upgrade batik-util to 1.17
RS-7722 Improvement Upgrade batik-xml to 1.17
RS-7723 Improvement Upgrade fop to 2.9
RS-7724 Improvement Upgrade fop-core to 2.9
RS-7725 Improvement Upgrade fop-events to 2.9
RS-7726 Improvement Upgrade fop-util to 2.9
RS-7727 Improvement Upgrade xmlgraphics-commons to 2.9
RS-7728 Improvement Upgrade batik-extension to 1.17
RS-7729 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports to 6.20.6
RS-7730 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports-fonts to 6.20.6
RS-7731 Improvement Upgrade jasperreports-functions to 6.20.6
RS-7732 Improvement Upgrade openpdf to 1.3.30.jaspersoft.3
RS-7581 Bug "Runtime of statement" of dynamic list preview is not being estimated correctly
RS-7622 Bug URL dadgets with multiple parameters are not working
RS-7630 Bug Table datasink: NPE if primary keys are empty
RS-7634 Bug Excel export column width is incorrect if nothing specified in column configuration
RS-7649 Bug LDAP printTree() method is using non-existing "group" property
RS-7651 Bug Custom SendToHook is not showing up when creating scheduler jobs from within the scheduler panel
RS-7663 Bug lockoutthreshold configuration in is not working
RS-7667 Bug lockoutthreshold is not counting incorrect login attempts correctly
RS-7682 Bug Missing translations in TeamSpace file upload
RS-7692 Bug Cube measures group does not have correct label
RS-7693 Bug Datasink dispatch is not working if filename contains invalid character
RS-7694 Bug Samba - SMB/CIFS datasinks are throwing SecurityException
RS-7696 Bug Datasink info is not printing correctly in error message when datasink dispatch fails

New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.1-6100

RS-7778 Improvement Open report exports in new browser tabs
RS-7788 Improvement Upgrade mysql-connector-j to 8.2.0
RS-7733 Bug Sorting by job name in scheduler list is not working
RS-7752 Bug "General info" system console is throwing HQL errors in some situations
RS-7763 Bug JXLS template export is not working if column contain uppercase letters
RS-7765 Bug SQL upgrade script is not working with existing datasources or datasinks
RS-7777 Bug Reports in report tree are not being found in TeamSpace import
RS-7779 Bug Users are shown as temporarily blocked without being blocked
RS-7782 Bug BSI password policy not loading correctly with "config reload" terminal command
RS-7783 Bug Sorting by role in TeamSpace-Management is not working
RS-7785 Bug Sorting by executor in scheduler administration is not working
RS-7786 Bug Sorting by "scheduled by" in scheduler administration is not working