Release Notes for ReportServer 4.6.2

These release notes reflect the changes with respect to ReportServer RS4.6.1-6101.

  • New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for RS4.6.2
  • Some Important Features and Noteworthy Improvements for ReportServer RS4.6.2

    New Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes for ReportServer RS4.6.2-6092

    RS-7809 Bug Exporting a text field to Excel that is formatted as a date throws error
    RS-7811 Bug Parameter dependencies are not being duplicated correctly when report is being duplicated
    RS-7814 Bug Report export and PDF preview are not working if dependent database parameters are not being selected explicitly
    RS-7815 Bug JXLS export is not working for numeric fields if they are NULL
    RS-7816 Bug Error in scheduling (deprecated) mail if filename contains invalid characters
    RS-7851 Bug Default values are not displaying correctly in datasource parameters
    RS-7868 Bug Datasource parameter "Execute" button is not working correctly for other report types other than dynamic lists
    RS-7869 Bug Datasource parameter "Add parameter" button is not working for other scripts other than dynamic lists