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ReportServer Manuals

All ReportServer documentation is freely available. Please feel free to provide feedback or additions. If you are looking into extending ReportServer via scripting, you can find a Javadoc documentation as well as the sources of ReportServer Community Edition on SourceForge.

# Name Version Language

Configuration Guide

4.6.3 English
2 User Guide 4.6.3 English
3 Administrator's Guide 4.6.3 English
4 Script Guide 4.6.3 English


Documentation for earlier versions of ReportServer.


Tutorials & Upgrade Instructions

The following tutorials for ReportServer are currently available.

Upgrade Instructions
1 Upgrade ReportServer to 4.6.3
Upgrade instructions to upgrade to ReportServer 4.6.3 for both Bitnami installations and manual installations.
2 Upgrade ReportServer 2.2 to 3.0.1
Upgrade instructions to upgrade ReportServer 2.2 to ReportServer 3.0.1 for manual installations.
3 Upgrade the Bitnami ReportServer Stack
Upgrade instructions to fully upgrade the ReportServer Bitnami stack.
1 Best Practice — Manually Installing ReportServer on Ubuntu
In this best-practice guide we describe in detail how to setup ReportServer on a Ubuntu box. While taking Ubuntu as the underlying operating system this tutorial should be easily adaptable to your operating system of choice.
2 Best Practice — Manually Installing ReportServer on Windows
In this best-practice guide we describe in detail how to setup ReportServer on Windows 10 with MariaDB as its underlying database.
Getting Started
1 Getting Started
The tutorial introduces the demo data (and the online demo system) and show cases the basic functionality of ReportServer.
2 Getting Started with Permissions
This tutorial gives a short introduction into how to work with ReportServer permissions.
3 Setting up a Multi-Tenant System
This tutorial shows how to use ReportServer's permission system and user variables to set up multi tenant systems.
1 Translating ReportServer — I18N
The tutorial shows how the translation of ReportServer can be extended.
2 Theming — Adapting ReportServer's UI
The tutorial shows how to create a custom theme for ReportServer Eneterprise Edition.
1 Getting Started with ReportServer Scripting
An introduction into the world of ReportServer Scripting.
1 Setting up ReportServer Community in Eclipse
The tutorial explains how to set up ReportServer Community Edition in Eclipse.

ReportServer Enterprise Edition

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