ReportServer Manuals

All ReportServer documentation is freely available. Please feel free to provide feedback or additions. If you are looking into extending ReportServer via scripting, you can find a Javadoc documentation as well as the sources of ReportServer Community Edition on SourceForge.

# Name Version
1 Configuration Guide Describes the installation of ReportServer as well as the basic configuration options. 4.6.3
2 User Guide In this manual we will discuss ReportServer from an end-users point-of-view. We will show how to display and export pre-built reports also as the the creation of complex analyses. 4.6.3
3 Administrator's Guide The administrator guide describes ReportServer from the point of view of administrators that are tasked with maintaining the daily operation of the reporting platform including the development of reports, managing users and permissions, monitoring the system state, and much more. 4.6.3
4 Script Guide The ReportServer scripting guide covers the scripting capabilities of ReportServer which can be used for building complex reports as well as for extending the functionality of ReportServer or performing critical maintenance tasks. It extends the introduction to these topics given in the administrator guide. 4.6.3

Tutorials & Upgrade Instructions

The following tutorials for ReportServer are currently available.

Upgrade Instructions
1 Upgrade ReportServer to 4.6.3 Upgrade instructions to upgrade to ReportServer 4.6.3 for both Bitnami installations and manual installations.
2 Upgrade ReportServer 2.2 to 3.0.1 Upgrade instructions to upgrade ReportServer 2.2 to ReportServer 3.0.1 for manual installations.
3 Upgrade the Bitnami ReportServer Stack Upgrade instructions to fully upgrade the ReportServer Bitnami stack.
1 Best Practice — Manually Installing ReportServer on Ubuntu In this best-practice guide we describe in detail how to setup ReportServer on a Ubuntu box. While taking Ubuntu as the underlying operating system this tutorial should be easily adaptable to your operating system of choice.
2 Best Practice — Manually Installing ReportServer on Windows In this best-practice guide we describe in detail how to setup ReportServer on Windows 10 with MariaDB as its underlying database.
Getting Started
1 Getting Started The tutorial introduces the demo data (and the online demo system) and show cases the basic functionality of ReportServer.
2 Getting Started with Permissions This tutorial gives a short introduction into how to work with ReportServer permissions.
3 Setting up a Multi-Tenant System This tutorial shows how to use ReportServer's permission system and user variables to set up multi tenant systems.
1 Translating ReportServer — I18N The tutorial shows how the translation of ReportServer can be extended.
2 Theming — Adapting ReportServer's UI The tutorial shows how to create a custom theme for ReportServer Eneterprise Edition.
1 Getting Started with ReportServer Scripting An introduction into the world of ReportServer Scripting.
1 Setting up ReportServer Community in Eclipse The tutorial explains how to set up ReportServer Community Edition in Eclipse.

ReportServer Enterprise Edition