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Chapter 5 Dashboard

5. Dashboard

After logging in, ReportServer starts in the Dashboard module. Here you can create individual information pages, so-called dashboards, to get a quick overview of important data and reports. In contrast to TeamSpace, the dashboard is a private area that can be designed by you alone.

The dashboard module has a similar structure to other modules. There is an overarching toolbar at the top. The existing dashboards are listed on the left-hand side and the currently selected dashboard is in the center. If you have not yet created a dashboard, you will see the empty default dashboard. You can manage the dashboards via the Tools menu in the toolbar. The following options are available here:

Edit dashboard Allows you to rename the dashboard, assign a description and select the layout. The layout determines how components (so-called dadgets) are arranged on the dashboard. You can choose between a one-column, various two-column and a three-column view.
Edit sequence Allows you to change the order of the dashboards.
New dashboard Creates a new dashboard.
Import dashboard Administrators can provide ready-made dashboards for you. You can integrate such a dashboard via Import dashboard. Please note that no changes can be made to imported dashboards.
Remove dashboard Deletes the currently active dashboard

To place a new component (a so-called dadget) on the current dashboard, select New dadget from the toolbar. You can choose from the following dadgets:

Report widget Displays a report on the dashboard.
URL Dadget Enables the integration of any websites into the dashboard.
Bookmark A dadget that displays objects marked in TeamSpace for quick access.
Library Dadget Enables the integration of prefabricated dadgets.
Static HTML Dadget Enables experts to create their own content using HTML and JavaScript.

Dadgets always consist of a single window in which the associated information is displayed. You can move dadgets on the dashboard using drag 'n' drop (via the window bar). You can use the icons at the top of the dadget window to reload the dadget, edit the configuration or remove the dadget.

We will go into the individual dadgets in more detail below.

5.1.1 The report widget

You can use the URL Dadget to integrate any website into your dashboard. This is particularly interesting for integrating information from other systems, e.g. from a local intranet. To configure, simply enter the relevant URL. Please note that you enter the URL including the protocol, i.e. write instead of

5.1.2 The URL Dadget

Bookmarks allow you to quickly access your most important reports. To add an object to your bookmarks, select it in TeamSpace and choose Mark as bookmark in the context menu (right mouse button). The object is then listed in the Dadget bookmark. To jump directly to the TeamSpace, simply double-click on the object in the Dadget bookmark.

5.1.4 Library add-ons

Administrators can provide you with pre-configured dadgets. These can be integrated into your dashboard via the library widget. You can choose from the dadgets activated for you via the library widget configuration.

5.1.5 HTML Dadget

For experts, the HTML Dadget allows the direct programming of a Dadget using HTML and JavaScript.

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