ReportServer Enterprise Edition

Give ReportServer Enterprise Edition a test run. Please note the Terms of Service. The Bitnami installers, docker images, virtual machine images, and ready to use cloud images make installation a painless endeavour but also the manual installation is straight forward if you follow the instructions in the Configuration Guide or the best practice installation tutorial. You can test-drive ReportServer Enterprise for 45 days after which it automatically reverts back to the community edition.

Binaries (Manual Installation)

Download the ReportServer binaries. This provides you with the most flexible option to install ReportServer. For installation guidelines see the Configuration Guide as well as the best practice installation tutorial.

Platform Version Size
All ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 313,1 MB Release Notes Download

Installer Packages

Installer packages for Windows, Linux and the Mac OS X VM platform are provided through Bitnami. Each installer includes all of the software necessary to run out of the box (the stack). The process is simple; just download, click next-next-next and you are done! Bitnami stacks are completely self contained and will not interfere with other software on your system. Please note that the OS X VM default username is "user" and the password "bitnami". Learn more »

Platform Version
Windows 64bits ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download
OS X VM ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download
Linux 64bits ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download

Docker Images

Docker images are provided through Bitnami. These images are based on minideb, a minimalist Debian based container image which gives you a small base container image and the familiarity of a leading linux distribution. All necessary software is installed to run out of the box (the stack). Please note that the default username is "user" and the password "bitnami". Learn more »

Platform Version
All ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download

Virtual Machine Images

A virtual appliance with ReportServer already configured and installed allows you to get started instantly. Bitnami virtual machine images contain a minimal Linux operating system and the fully configured Bitnami ReportServer stack. Running virtual machine images requires a hypervisor such as VMware or VirtualBox, so it is recommended for system administrators and advanced users. Learn more »

Platform Version
VMware (Ubuntu 14.04) ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download
Virtual Box (Ubuntu 14.04) ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 (64bits) Download

Cloud Hosting

Deploy your own ReportServer server in the cloud! With the ready-to-go Bitnami Cloud Images you can be up and running withing mere minutes. Bitnami Cloud Images are currently available for Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, and VMware vCloud Air, with support for additional cloud environments planned for the future. Learn more »


Start your free Cloud Server...

With Bitnami receive a free 1hr demo of ReportServer in the cloud!

ReportServer Community Edition

Binaries and Sources (Manual Installation)

ReportServer Community Edition is available on the ReportServer SourceForge Page and is usable under the AGPL (GNU affero General Public License). To install ReportServer using the .zip distribution you need to install and configure an application server (e.g. Apache Tomcat) and a database server (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL).

Additional instructions on how to install ReportServer are given in the ReportServer Config Guide which is also available on SourceForge.

Platform Version
Platform Independent ReportServer 4.2.0-6066 Download

Ready to use installers

Installer packages, docker images, virtual machine images for Windows, Linux and the Mac OS X VM platform are provided through Bitnami.