Chapter 8. Global Constants

8. Global Constants

Global constants can be regarded as static text parameters. To create a global constant, go to the Administration module and there to the sub module Global Constants. Click on Add constant to create a new constant. Then enter the name and value of the constant by mouse click in the respective cell. To delete one or more constants, select the relevant constants and actuate the Remove button from the tool bar. To remove all constants, click on the arrow beside the Remove button and select Remove all.

In reports constants can be used as parameters. Once you have created a constant with the name KONST_MY_CONSTANT, you can work with the replacements ${KONST_MY_CONSTANT} and $!{KONST_MY_CONSTANT} in dynamic lists. As it applies with parameters, please have in mind to distinguish between $ and $! where the replacement $ will be used in a query, and S! directly. For further information refer to the paragraph Parameters in the Dynamic List section. When used in other report engines (e.g. BIRT or Jasper), the syntax applicable there must be considered. For Jasper it is for instance $P{KONST_MY_CONSTANT}. For further information refer to the relevant sections.