Chapter 12. Remote RS Servers

12. Remote RS Servers

ReportServer 4.6.0 introduces a new kind of node called ''remote server''. This is used to defined remote ReportServer servers, which can be then used to copy external data, e.g. reports or users from another ReportServer installation (e.g. PROD) into your local ReportServer installation (e.g. TEST). For this, refer to Section 19.56. rpull.

Currently, remote RS REST servers are supported, which use the ReportServer REST API.

The REST URL can be found in the ''General info'' system console of your remote ReportServer installation. The remote REST RS server uses an apikey analogously as in executing reports via URL (see Section 7.11.). Once you set an apikey for a given user, you can access all REST services, including remote RS REST servers.

The ''Test remote RS REST server'' button allows to test the remote server and make sure all data entered on its definition works correctly.

Note that the apikey can be found as plain text in the URL, so make sure you use HTTPS. Treat the apikey like any password.