7.13. Report Metadata

It is often very useful to save additional data with the report object. Depending on the process, it might be helpful to save when and by whom a report was checked and accepted, or, maybe you wish to file the link leading to the documentation of a report.The type of metadata required, therefore, depends to a large extent on the processes applied in an enterprise.

ReportServer supports you to file report specific metadata by allowing to maintain a key value list for each report. In Report management you can recall it in the relevant report by clicking on the Metadata tab. With the Add and Remove buttons new key pairs can be added or removed. By clicking on the arrow next to the Add button you may choose from a list of key words already used.You can directly and easily edit the values in the list.

7.13.1. Using Metadata as Parameters

Available metadata can be used in reports as parameters. To do this, the following replacements are available.

_RS_METADATA_NAME Includes the value for the key NAME.
_RS_METADATA_SUPER_NAME The hierarchic structure of reports and variants allows to overwrite metadata of a report in the variant. To access the value that was overwritten, use the following replacement.

With the ${} formula language, you can additionally use the replacement _RS_METADATA. It enables to access a HashMap including the existing metadata and relevant values.