6.12. Report Properties

Report properties provide a means to further customize how report server treats reports. You can access report properties via the report management perspective in the administration module by selecting a report and then selecting Report Properties. You are then presented with a grid that allows to view and change the current properties for that particular report.

Report properties on a base report are inherited by all of its variants.

Report properties are simple key value pairs. You can add a new property, by clicking on add and remove existing ones by selecting them and clicking remove. Note that all changes are only committed once you hit the Save button in the toolbar.

6.12.1. Available Report Properties per Type
All Report Formats
output_format_auth A comma-separated list of available output formats for the particular report. By using this property, you can explicitely enable and disable export formats for the given report. If this property is not set, all export formats are available by default. Valid output formats are: EXCEL, CSV, PDF, XML, WORD, XLS, RTF, TABLE_TEMPLATE, and RS_SIMPLE_BEAN. The last two are necessary for JXLS Reports.
output_format_default The default export format of the particular report. The valid values are the same as in the output_format_auth property, with the difference that only one value may be set here.
The Dynamic List
ui:preview:count:default Controls whether the report preview view directly starts counting the number of rows in the result. (Defaults to auto)
ui:filter:count:default Controls whether filter views attempt to count the number of valid results. (Defaults to auto)
ui:filter:consistency:show Controls whether the link/unlink button in the filter view is visible. (Defaults to true)
ui:filter:consistency:default Controls whether link mode is per default enabled for filters. (Defaults to enable)