19.14. deployReport

Allows to analyze a deployment attempt of a given report (left report) into an destination report (right report). Both reports have to exist already in ReportServer.

analyze Create and download a document containing deployment analysis. This analysis lists conflicts (including context) that would occur during a deployment attempt of the left report into the right report.

Note that if an entry does not cause a conflict, e.g. if the corresponding column is not used in any variant, the entry is not listed in the analysis result.

The -i option can be used to ignore case-sensitivity of field names.

In order to select the reports, you can use object resolver queries. Refer to Section 15.5. Object Resolver for more details on this. Note that the queries must resolve to exactly one basic report.


deployReport analyze id:Report:123 id:Report:456

A PDF containing the analysis of deploying Report with id 123 (left report) into Report with id 456 (right report) is created and downloaded automatically.

The current sections in the analysis are:

  • Columns contained in left report but not in right report
  • Columns contained in both reports but which different definitions
  • Variants of right report using columns not available in left report
  • Variants of right report using columns with different definitions as in left report

Use: analyze [-i] leftReport rightReport