19.17. dirmod

Enables to modify fileserver directories. The following subcommand is available:

webaccess Modify the web access property of a given fileserver directory.

The syntax for modifying a directory's web access is:

Use: dirmod webaccess directory access

Here, directory is an object resolver query that returns one or more FileServerFolders. Refer to Section 15.5. Object Resolver for more information on object resolver queries. access may be true or false.

Usage examples:

Removes web access from fileserver/resources/ directory:

dirmod webaccess fileserver/resources/ false

Removes web access from directory with id 123:

dirmod webaccess id:FileServerFolder:123 false

Adds web access to all filesystem directories containing ''report'' in their name:

dirmod webaccess "hql:from FileServerFolder where name like '