19.33. ldapfilter

Allows you to analyze the installed LDAP filter in the sso/ldap.cf configuration file. The LDAP filter is parsed and shown it in a multi-line form that makes it easier to understand its hierarchy and embedded components. The command also tries to simplify the LDAP filter in certain ways (for example, by removing unnecessary levels of hierarchy, like an AND embedded in another AND).

The optional i (indentation) flag is used to indicate the number of spaces for indentation. Default is 2. The optional n (no-simplification) flag indicates that no simplification should be done, i.e., the filter should not be futher analyzed. Note that you have to reload your configuration changes with config reload or restart your ReportServer when you change your filter in the sso/ldap.cf configuration file.

As the output of this terminal command is usually long, you can use the >>> operator for sending the output to a given datasink: ldapfilter >>> id:DatasinkDefinition:123.

Use: ldapfilter [-i] [-n]