19.46. onedrive

Provides easy access to the Microsoft graph API. onedrive is a three-tiered command. Subcommands loosely group subsubcommands depending on which kind of onedrive-object those commands deal with. Subsubcommands can be of simple or more complex nature depending on their purpose. All commands use a OneDrive - SharePoint (O365) datasink for configuration and require certain permissions to use the graph API. Should permissions granted by the accesstoken of the onedrive datasink be insufficient you can supply an optional accesstoken which will be used instead of the default one.

Here, datasink is an an object resolver query that returns exactly one onedrive datasink object. Refer to Section 15.5. Object Resolver for more information on object resolver queries.

group getmygroups fetches and displays all OneDrive groups you belong to. This requires the permission Group.Read.All
group getdrivesof fetches and displays information of all available drive objects of a given group. This requires the permission Sites.Read.All

Use: onedrive group getmygroups datasink [accesstoken]

Use: onedrive group getdrivesof groupid datasink [accesstoken]