19.51. rcondition

rcondition determines dynamic lists as a basis for conditional scheduling (refer also to Chapter 13. Scheduling of Reports). The following sub-commands are available:

create Creates a new condition.

The syntax for creating a new condition is

rcondition create conditionReport name [key] [description]

Here, conditionReport can be either the id or an object resolver query that returns exactly one dynamic report variant. Refer to Section 15.5. Object Resolver for more information on object resolver queries. Name and description identify the same, while key is unique to the condition. Please observe to set enclosing quotation marks if spaces are included in object resolver queries, names, keys and descriptions, e.g. "This is a description".

list Displays a list of the reports marked as conditions.
remove Allows to remove a condition.

Use: rcondition remove condition

Here, condition can be either the id or an object resolver query of the condition to remove. E.g.:

rcondition remove id:Condition:123