4.7. Export settings

Regarding the export to PDF and Microsoft Excel, there are several options that you can set. In /fileserver/etc/exportfilecmd/excelexport.cf you can specify in which format Excel documents are to be exported. You can choose between the old XLS and the current XLSX format. If you have selected the XLSX format, ReportServer allows to stream the data to the client. This means, that the chunks of resulting Excel file are sent to the user while it is still being created. Streaming result files can significantly reduce processing time.

To specify the Excel format and whether or not to use streaming, adjust the following parameters:


Further, you can specify the title of the data and configuration sheets in the resulting Excel file by the following parameters:

	<datasheet>Dynamic list</datasheet>

Refer to the ''output_parameters'', ''output_filters'', and ''output_complete_configuration'' report parameters in the Admin Guide for more information on this.

You can specify document properties (title, creator and author) of PDF files in the configuration file /fileserver/etc/exportfilecmd/metadata.cf. The texts specified here will be included in newly generated PDF files.

Modify the following parameters:


As with email notifications you can use substitutions to dynamically populate the fields. The following substitutions are available:

Available Substitutions

Expression Description
${user.getUsername()} username
${user.getFirstname()} user's first name
${user.getLastname()} user's last name
${user.getEmail()} user's email address
${user.getTitle()} user's title
${user.getId()} user's id

You can further specify the default character set used by ReportServer. In the configuration file /fileserver/etc/main/main.cf you will find the option charset. By default, the charset UTF-8 is used.

4.7.1. Dynamic list export thresholds

When exporting a dynamic list, ReportServer allows to configure two different thresholds. If the export contains more records than the first threshold, the user gets a warning when trying to export the report. If the export contains more records than the second threshold, the export is being prohibited.

Both thresholds can be configured in /main/main.cf: