Chapter 2. Installation

2. Installation

ReportServer is a web-application based on the Java Servlet technology and, thus, runs in an application server (such as Apache Tomcat). Being a Java application ReportServer supports any operating system that has a Java runtime environment and for which a supported application server is available. All application metadata is stored in a relational database.

ReportServer is available for download in .zip file format for deployment within an application server. Additional options, including native installers for various platforms, virtual machines and cloud images are provided by means of the Bitnami ReportServer Stack.

While the manual installation provides the most flexibility, it requires some prior knowledge about the deployment of web applications and the operating of an application server, so we recommend this for system administrators and advanced users. The Bitnami packages on the other hand are completely self contained and can be installed with only a couple of clicks.

You can download ReportServer from

2.1. Automatic Installation

The Bitnami ReportServer Stack is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS and provides a pre-configured installation of ReportServer with Apache Tomcat as application server and MariaDB as database backend. The installers are available from or directly from Bitnami. The installation wizard guides you through the installation providing you with the option to pre-configure parts of ReportServer and you can choose whether to install the demo package or not (we note that you can also manually install the demo data later; see Section 2.4.). In case you already have an application server or MariaDB database running and the default ports are in use, you are asked to provide alternative ports. Documentation on the installation via the Bitnami installer is provided by Bitnami and can be accessed from