Appendix A. Report documentation

A. Report documentation

ReportServer automatically generates a documentation for all existing variants. Besides general information such as the name and ID of the report variant, the documentation contains detailed information about the configuration of the report.

Below we see an example of a report documentation.

The documentation contains besides general information, such as name and author, a detailed description of the chosen configuration. In the example you see the documentation of a graphical report (to be precise, a Jasper report). Here the configuration consists only of the choice of parameters. Note that the displayed values correspond to the values belonging to the displayed values.

Naturally, for dynamic lists the documentation is much more extensive. It displays the entire configuration starting (if applicable) with the parameters. Next, if the report contains any computed attributes these are given including the rules of computation. If a prefilter is configured it is given as a Nassi-Shneidermann diagram where filter expression are given in the following form:

	= 	Inclusion
	<> 	Exclusion
	[] 	Inclusion Interval
	][ 	Exclusion Interval

Further, all selected columns are displayed listing all chosen options for each column (aggregation, sorting, filters, format, etc.). Filter expressions are given in the same format as in the prefilter.

Additional information includes the list of TeamSpaces and of scheduling jobs containing the given report.

A list of all variants is also included in the documentation of the basic report.