ReportServer Editions

ReportServer comes in two flavors: the open-source ReportServer Community edition and the commercial ReportServer Enterprise edition. ReportServer Community provides you with all that is necessary for great reporting. From pixel-perfect reporting to ad-hoc relational reporting, ReportServer Community has it covered. If you require additional flexibility, then have a look at ReportServer Enterprise. It is build on top of ReportServer Community and offers everything available in Community plus various additions targeted at enterprise customers. Amongst others, ReportServer Enterprise offers the following additions (look here for a detailed comparison).

  • Scripting: ReportServer Enterprise comes with a scripting engine that allows you to easily extend and customize ReportServer.
  • Theming: Style ReportServer according to your corporate identity.
  • You get access to our ticket system and can issue bug reports. In case of critical bugs we provide you with access to patches and hotfixes.
  • You profit from managed releases with detailed update instructions for each new version.

ReportServer Enterprise licenses can be purchased from our shop and are priced by server. A single server license costs 3999 EUR and includes upgrades for one year. Discounts for academic usage and non-profit organizations are available upon request. If you require custom licensing, if you want to embed ReportServer within your product and are interested in OEM licenses, or if you want to purchase multiple licenses please contact our sales department.

You require commercial support or a service level agreement? Please contact our sales department for a customized quote.

ReportServer Community
ReportServer Enterprise Edition



AGPL Commercial
Unlimited Users
Work with as many users and groups as you want: there is no restriction.
Permission Management
Make use of ReportServer's extensive permission management to manage also large-scale installations with ease.
ReportServer has been translated into more than 30 languages.
ReportServer's unique TeamSpace concept allows teams to work together on reports.
Report Engines
Dynamic Lists
The dynamic list is ReportServer's adhoc reporting component that makes relational reporting easy and fun. It is the perfect reporting engine when you want to produce table-like reports to export them to Excel, CSV, PDF or HTML.
Eclipse BIRT
ReportServer is the open-source reporting server for Eclipse Birt. Run your existing Birt reports with minimal setup on ReportServer for pixel-perfect reports.
ReportServer supports the JasperReports library for pixel perfect reporting. JasperReports is a popular open-source reporting engine coming with the report designer Jaspersoft Studio.
OLAP Mondrian
ReportServer supports interactive OLAP analyses out of the box with Mondrian.
Excel Reporting
Native reporting with Microsoft Excel via the JXLS library.
Crystal Reports
ReportServer allows to run your existing SAP Crystal Reports. (Additional SAP Crystal Reports License might be required)
Script Reporting
ReportServer's unique scripting component provides a solution to almost any use-case you might have. Script reports are the most flexible reporting solution out there.
Grid Editor
The grid editor is an easy to configure component for data entry.
The Dynamic List
Basic Dynamic List
Dynamic list templates allow to load data directly into Excel, Word, Text or XML templates.
The pivot mode for dynamic lists allows to easily construct cross-tabs and charts.
Report Parameters
Basic Parameters
ReportServer offers a wide range of flexible parameters to allow report customization. Report designers can choose from text-boxes, radio buttons, checkboxes, date parameters, popups and more.
File Upload Parameter
The file upload parameter allows user to upload files that go into the reporting process. This is especially powerful in combination with script reports.
Script Parameter
Script parameters allow to realize almost any idea you might have. Maps, charts, custom components: if you can script it, you can have it.
Relational Databases
Supported databases include: Athena, Db2 for IBM i, Db2 for z/OS, Derby, CockroachDB, CrateDB, Exasol, Firebird, Google BigQuery, H2, HSQL, Incorta, Informix, MariaDB, MonetDB, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redshift, SAP HANA, SQL Server, SQLite, Sybase, Teradata, Vertica and YugabyteDB.
CSV Datasources
BIRT Datasources
Connect to dynamic datasources defined within Birt reports.
Script Datasources
With ReportServer scripts you can connect to almost any data source.
Database Bundle
Bundle multiple datasources together and have users select the datasource they want to work with, without defining reports multiple times.
Supported datasinks include: FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Email.
Advanced datasinks
Supported datasinks include: Samba - SMB/CIFS, Amazon S3, OneDrive - SharePoint (O365), Google Drive, Local Filesystem, SCP, Dropbox, Box, Printer, Script and Table Datasinks.
Basic Scheduling
Schedule reports and have them sent via email on a recurring basis.
Conditional Scheduling
Define conditions which need to be met in order for a scheduled report to be executed.
Dynamic Schedule Targets
Define custom schedule targets (e.g., Webservices, Network drives etc.) to integrate ReportServer into your environment.
Import or export reports, users, configurations etc.
ReportServer comes with simple-to-use search capabilities to find the resources that you are looking for.
Build enterprise dashboards in minutes.
Access advanced functionality via ReportServers terminal emulator.
Report Configuration via URL
Embed and configure reports via URL.
The ReportServer look and feel can be easily adjusted to match your corporate identity.
Maintainance and Monitoring
Monitor your current system state and perform maintainance tasks.
Custom Output Formats
Add custom output formats to the various reporting engines.
Additional Datasources
Add additional datasources (e.g., additional relational databases) to ReportServer.
Custom Authentication (e.g., LDAP or SSO)
Integrate ReportServer into almost any authentication environment.
Script Extensions
Extend the functionality provided by ReportServer via ReportServer scripts.
Community Forums
Get free support in our community forums.
Advanced Documentation
Get to know ReportServer inside out with the available user, administration and scripting guides.
Paid Commercial Support
You require a service level agreement or custom support? Please contact our sales department.
Free 3999 EUR per Server
Bugfix Releases
Get free bugfix releases as soon as they are released.
Included for one Year
Get upgrades to ReportServer.
Included for one Year
Renew your license after one year to get a discount for any new releases in the following year.
1999 EUR
Discounts are available for academic purposes and non-profit organizations. OEM licenses are available on request.

ReportServer Community
ReportServer Enterprise Edition