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ReportServer 3.2.0 is now available!

In the following some important features in this version:

Allow to disable SFTP server

You can now disable the SFTP server by setting the disabled property in your /etc/misc/ file:

 <remoteaccess> <sftp disabled="true"> <!-- Use $generated in order to generate a key on first start. --> <keylocation>/path/to/hostkey.pem</keylocation> <port>8022</port> </sftp> </remoteaccess> 

After a ReportServer restart, the SFTP server will not be started if disabled previously.

Report deployment analysis

Allows to create an analysis of a deployment attempt of a given report (left report) into an destination report (right report). Both reports have to exist already in ReportServer. This analysis lists conflicts -including context- that would occur during a deployment attempt of the left report into the right report. You can create this document with this command:

 deployReport analyze id:Report:75919 id:Report:64253 

where the id of the left report is 75919 and the id of the right report is 64253. An example analysis is shown in the following screenshots.

The current sections in the analysis are:

  • Columns contained in left report but not in right report
  • Columns contained in both reports but which different definitions
  • Variants of right report using columns not available in left report
  • Variants of right report using columns with different definitions as in left report

Note that if an entry does not cause a conflict, e.g. if the corresponding column is not used in any variant, the entry is not listed in the analysis result.

Dynamic list filter export

The filters and pre-filters can now be exported in an analogous way as the parameters. For this, you can use the new “output_filters” report property analogously as the “output_parameters” property. For HTML and PDF export, you can use the “$” variable analogously to the “$” variable in the /etc/dynamiclists/ (/etc/dynamiclists/ for pdf). An example Excel export is shown in the following screenshot.

Note that all configuration options: parameters, filters and pre-filters are being exported into the “Configuration” sheet. This allows you to completely understand the data shown in the “Dynamic list” sheet.

Export list of scheduler job recipients and owners

You can now export a list of scheduler job recipients and owners in the scheduler email. For substitution of this list of users, you can use a fluent API that allows you to configure the output exactly as you need. For a list of available methods please refer to the documentation. As an example, if you enter the following configuration:


will print the following:

 Barry Jones (bjones) Diane Murphy (dmurphy) Gerard Hernandez (ghernande) Larry Bott (lbott) 

If you want to separate the users by a comma instead of a new line, you can enter use the \code method as follows:


which will print the following data:

 Barry Jones (bjones), Diane Murphy (dmurphy), Gerard Hernandez (ghernande), Larry Bott (lbott) 

For printing the list of owners, you can use the “owners” variable analogously.

MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10 support

You can now create and use MySQL 8 and MariaDB 10 datasources. The old MySQL 5 and MariaDB 5 datasources are of course also supported.

Mondrian 3 support

Mondrian 3 OLAP reports are now supported alongside with Mondrian 4 OLAP reports. The Mondrian 4 features, e.g. parameter substitution, cache deletion, or variant configuration protection are also supported in Mondrian 3. For activating Mondrian 3, please select the “Mondrian 3” checkbox in the following screenshot of your Mondrian datasource.

DB driver upgrade

The following drivers were upgraded:

  • MySQL: mysql-connector-java-8.0.20.jar
  • MariaDB: mariadb-java-client-2.6.0.jar
  • Postgres: postgresql-42.2.12.jar
  • H2: h2-1.4.200.jar
  • HSQL: hsqldb-2.5.0.jar

JXLS2 streaming

For heavy JXLS2 reports, i.e. reports having a large quantity of records and columns, you can now activate the streaming option with the jxls_streaming report property as shown in the following screenshot. This should improve performance. The property can be activated per report or/and per variant and works analogously for JXLS2 reports and JXLS2 templates of the dynamic list.

Keep in mind that with jxls2 streaming activated, most Excel formulas can not be used directly, so this is best for streaming raw data. We will update our documentation for details on this.

Copy/move variants between reports

You can now copy or move variants between different reports with the “mv” or “cp” commands, respectively, as shown in the following screenshot. Details can be found in the documentation.

The complete Release Notes are available here.


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