An Introduction to Custom Authenticators

ReportServer comes with a flexible authentication mechanism that can be extended via ReportServer’s hookable plugin infrastructure. In the latest addition to our tutorial section we discuss how authentication works behind the scenes and what steps are necessary to extend ReportServer to use your custom authentication scheme.

We hope you find this latest addition useful and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Add SQL Server Support via jTDS

This is the first blog article on our freshly refurbished blog. It’s been a bit quiet here which we want to change and what is better than a bit of fresh paint for a fresh start. This blog post explains how to add support for SQL Server via the open source jTDS driver. The relevant code was sponsored by thr27, thanks a lot. In case you did something cool with ReportServer that you would like to showcase on our blog, feel free to contact us on
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Adding support for additional databases to ReportServer (Firebird)

By default ReportServer is shipped with support only for the most common database systems, although it can interact with virtually every database, that offers a JDBC compliant driver. In this post we will show how to develop a groovy script that adds support for the firebird database ( to ReportServer.

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