ReportServer 4.5.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce that the 4.5.0 version of ReportServer is now available for download.

LDAP support has been greatly extended in this version. Further, ReportServer 4.5.0 allows you to configure the logger during report execution errors and it also contains numerous library upgrades. For a list of all changes please refer to the Release Notes. The upgrade guide is available in the documentation area.

IMPORTANT if you are upgrading from a ReportServer version older than 4.4.0: : As Mondrian reports are not backward compatible, and pivot reports must be upgraded separately: If you are upgrading your ReportServer installation from a version older than 4.4.0, refer to the upgrade guide for more information.

The javadocs can be found here:
List of entities:
List of hooks:
List of services:

Happy reporting!

Your ReportServer Team