The Dynamic List – an Introduction

ReportServer comes with several reporting engines one being the Dynamic List. While the Dynamic List certainly doesn’t have a flashy name, don’t let that fool you. In simple terms the Dynamic List is The Tool for relational reporting, empowering your users to get the data they need when they need it while at the same time taking the strain from IT as there is hardly any reporting engine out there that is easier to administrate and maintain than Dynamic Lists.

This introduction is the first part of a series of blog posts that look at the Dynamic Lists in greater detail. So far the following posts are available in this series:

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An Introduction to Custom Authenticators

ReportServer comes with a flexible authentication mechanism that can be extended via ReportServer’s hookable plugin infrastructure. In the latest addition to our tutorial section we discuss how authentication works behind the scenes and what steps are necessary to extend ReportServer to use your custom authentication scheme.

We hope you find this latest addition useful and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.