New OS X VM in our Bitnami packages

We have replaced our native OS X Bitnami installers with an equivalent OS X Virtual Machine (VM). The old OS X Bitnami installers will not be available as of version 3.0.5-4.
A ReportServer Bitnami OS X VM is a virtual machine (VM) that includes everything you need to run ReportServer on your OS X system. Once downloaded, you can launch it and immediately begin using ReportServer.

What is the difference between an OS X native Installer and an OS X VM?

  • An OS X native installer installs the ReportServer Bitnami application stack and all its components directly on your OS X system.
  • An OS X VM is a virtual machine for OS X. It includes all the components of the ReportServer Bitnami application stack in a Debian-based virtual machine that runs on your OS X system. It uses the OS X native virtualization so it is not necessary to install other virtualization software previously like VirtualBox or VMware.

The following ReportServer credentials are configured by default on the OS X VM:

Username: user
Password: bitnami

Further, we upgraded the following components in all our Bitnami packages:

  • MariaDB to 10.1.38
  • Tomcat to 9.0.16

You can download all our Bitnami packages from our downloads site:

Happy reporting!

Your ReportServer Team

Sneak Preview 3.0.6

Work on our next release (3.0.6) is under way. We want to give you an overview of some important features that are ready and will be available with ReportServer 3.0.6, released in a couple of weeks:

  • Scheduling
  • The Conditional Scheduling
  • Object Resolver Query
  • Perfomance
  • Language support

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ReportServer 3.0.3 Released

We are happy to announce that version 3.0.3, after successful test completion, is now officially released.

We would like to give you a brief look at the following points:

  • Configuration protect
  • New “Information” Menu for Reports, Variants and Folders
  • Reports sent per e-mail can now be compressed
  • Primary dashboard
  • DB JSON and XML support
  • Saiku upgrade
  • New report property  to set the default report export format
  • Make Excel export configurable (XLS vs XLSX)
  • New CSV export configuration

You find more information in the release notes.

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